Airedoodle – The Airedale and Poodle Designer Dog

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The Airedoodle breed represents a cross-breeding of the Standard poodle and the Airedale terrier. Some of them will be lucky enough to have the best traits of the original breeds. Standard poodles are among the most intelligent dogs in existence. Airedale terriers are sporting and hunting dogs that are very athletic. Any hybrid between such exceptional dogs will have a lot to offer.

Origin of the Airedoodle

The Airedoodle is a purely American breed, and it is a fairly recent one. Standard poodle dogs date back to the seventeenth century, where they were used as military dogs. Airedale terriers are nineteenth-century sporting and hunting dogs. These two dogs were crossbred fairly recently in order to create the Airedoodle.

The American Kennel Club actually does not recognize hybrid dogs as breeds in their own right. However, the American Canine Hybrid Club certainly respects and recognizes them, as do many other organizations who want to encourage the creation of new breeds. Many hybrids do eventually become breeds in their own right.


These dogs are fairly medium-sized and relatively light. They weigh between forty and sixty pounds in most cases. They usually stand twenty-two to twenty-six inches high. Their coats are wiry and they are often both dark brown and caramel-colored simultaneously. They have long snouts in proportion to their overall head lengths and floppy ears. Their faces have an open, friendly look.


Obviously, all dogs vary in terms of personality. However, these dogs have a tendency to be very friendly and outgoing. They’re usually not fussy or aggressive. Many of them are as smart as their Standard Poodle parents, or close to it, making them highly intelligent dogs.

Health Issues

These dogs will typically live for ten to fifteen years if they receive proper care. Some rare and lucky dogs might manage to make it to their late teen years, but most dogs are short-lived and the Airedoodle is no exception.

Because these dogs have very wiry coats, they might be more prone to dermatitis than a lot of other dogs. Hip dysplasia is also a common problem with Airedoodle dogs, although it’s a common problem for many breeds. Gastric torsion is also a common health issue with these sorts of dogs.


Medium-sized dogs like these need a decent amount of exercise. Airedale terrier dogs are very athletic, and any hybrid dog based on them is going to be similar in that regard. Airedoodle dogs really love games of catch and other athletic activities with their owners. They should be walked for thirty minutes a day at least. Overall, this is a great dog for active people.

Feeding an Airedoodle

These dogs do need more to eat than most small dogs, but they don’t need to have the hugely substantial diets of large dogs. Most of them will be fine with a nutritious, high-quality dry dog food brand. They will need about three cups of this dog food every day, either spread out over the full day or divided between two meals.

Grooming an Airedoodle

Dogs with such wiry fur can often be relatively tricky to groom. The fact that they don’t shed much is certainly good for most owners, especially those who have allergies. These dogs need to be brushed on a regular basis. They also need ear cleaning and nail trimming. Brushing them once a week should work. It’s a good idea to trim their nails and clean their ears as needed.


Intelligent and naturally obedient dogs like these are relatively easy to train. It should only take a few repetitions to get these dogs to actually complete a particular task. These dogs can also learn a relatively broad range of commands, given their ancestry. All dogs should be trained as early as possible. However, even adult hybrid dogs like these can be trained.


It isn’t surprising that a designer dog that’s a hybrid between dogs like the Standard poodle and the Airedale terrier would be so impressive. Dogs like these are smart, affectionate, energetic, and loyal. They’re very active and will keep their owners active as well. They don’t experience a lot of health problems. Caring for them is relatively easy and they’re great for allergy sufferers. People will love their Standard poodle and Airedale terrier hybrids. Check out Airedoodle puppies for sale.