Chiweenie – The Chihuahua and Dachshund Hybrid Dog

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A mix of Chihuahua and Dachshund, the Chiweenie is one of the cutest designer dogs. The breed is very popular due to its loving and friendly nature and fits perfectly into your lap given its small and long structure. These dogs are best suited for people who’ve had some experience with dogs, as they can be a little handful. However, they love to play a lot and walk around which makes them a perfect choice for families with older kids. They also serve as good watchdogs due to their barking habit, a reason you might just love them more.

Origin of the Chiweenie

Bred first during the 1990s, the Chiweenie wasn’t really popular during those years because people were interested only in purebred dogs back then. Its parents, Chihuahua is the world’s smallest breed and Dachshund was originally bred as a hunting dog. That is why this adorable mix soon gained popularity and became one of the most bought breeds originating from North America. It gains the affectionate and loving nature of both its parents and is considered an apt family dog.


Owing to its parentage of Dachshund, Chiweenie also has a long body with short legs and isn’t a large dog. It stands at about 6 to 14 inches tall and weighs about 10 to 25 pounds. Chiweenie falls under the category of toy dogs and is very easy to carry and travel with. The dog’s long body usually has a shiny coat of short to medium hair and can be of black, brown, tan, white, and similar other colors.


Regarded as a great family dog and a companion for older people, Chiweenie is largely an affectionate and loyal dog. The dog also warms up really well to humans and is very friendly. However, the easygoing behavior may not last when with strangers as the dog is very protective. They also like to bark and are fearless as they do not shy away from challenging larger pets.

It may happen that they end up annoying them too much and need your protection. Their barking habits and alert nature though may work in their favor of being good watchdogs. Chiweenie is also very playful and always love to be around you. They’re in constant need of attention and get depressed in lack of any.

Chiweenie Health Issues

A Chiweenie lives a long and healthy life that last an average of about 12 to 15 years and may also go as long as 16 years. But, as is the case with most mixed breeds, they may end up inheriting some health issues from their parents like:

  • diabetes
  • hypoglycemia
  • seizures
  • dental issues
  • and hydrocephalus.

Apart from these risks, Chiweenies also lie at the risk of developing several injuries throughout their life.

If they don’t inherit any of their parents’ issues, the allergies aren’t something to worry about and can be easily cured with a set of medicines. However, should you experience any issue and feel that your pet needs to have a vet examine him or her – don’t wait.


Despite its smaller form, the Chiweenie is a highly energetic dog and loves to play. When the dog is done sitting in your lap, it’ll run around the house wanting you to catch it. Their playing and running sessions do last a lot longer than usual dogs as their tiny stature makes them hard to tire out. The only advantage of their size is that it doesn’t need a lot of room to play in, and will happily run around the house or a yard for as long as you’d want.

Feeding a Chiweenie

The Chiweenie is a fairly active dog and therefore, require a high-quality kibble diet. The designer breed may suffer from dental issue later in life due to its parentage. This is why it is recommended to feed them with dry kibble every meal to keep their teeth strong. In case they do develop some issues and find it difficult to chew the dry kibble, you can also feed them wet-food along with some dry diet.

Grooming a Chiweenie

Chiweenies have a shiny coat with short to medium length hair which requires very little grooming. The mixed-breed dog doesn’t even shed that much and is very clean. For grooming, bathing the dog regularly along with weekly brushing is enough. Cleaning its ears and clipping longer nails are also required to keep them neat and well-groomed.


Though friendly and affectionate, Chiweenies are also aggressive and can be dominating. The dogs also have a stubborn nature and may establish themselves as the pack leader if not trained well. The owners are thus, advised to show dominance in front of their dogs and be firm with them. This will make the dog listen to you and do as you say. The Chiweenie also is very fearless and doesn’t shy away from irritating larger dogs in their neighborhood. Crate training is advised for this purpose along with the use of positive words for every good deed. These dogs learn faster and don’t trouble you much after they’ve been trained well. Even though it might seem that making them learn is a bit difficult, it sure is worth it in the longer run.


This cute and lively breed of dog is great for families with bigger kids as they’re very affectionate and playful. They also prove to be great companions for single and older people due to their friendly nature. However, since these dogs are small and can be easily hurt, it is advised to not keep them at homes with younger kids. They can also be a little difficult to train due to their stubborn characteristics and therefore, are best for people who have had dogs in the past.

The dogs are also a great commitment to have due to their longer life span. But once trained, these dogs are definitely a delight to have and can give you a lifetime worth of happiness.