Golden Doodle – The Poodle and Golden Retriever Design Dog

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Golden Doodle Designer Dog is recognized to be the perfect breed of Poodle and Golden Retriever. They boast of smart wits, great looks, and playful nature. It has earned a high reputation as the designer breed as they possess the amazing qualities of both their parent breed.

The tremendous success of Cockapoo and Labradoodle has introduced the idea of the breed of Golden doodle. With the light shedding of the breed of Poodle along with the cool temperament of the breed of Golden Retriever, this breed turned out to be a major hit across the country of America.

After getting a request from a wide assortment of pet owners, four sizes of this breed was made available which were the standard, medium, mini and petite. Owing to the rise in popularity, the breeders have gained success in creating a plethora of coat colors, which are inclusive of cream, chocolate, caramel, and red.

Origin of Golden Doodle Designer Dog

It was in the year of 1968 when Monica Dickens first bred the Golden doodles. Their popularity has enhanced manifolds in the year of 1990 as the breeders in Australia and North America started to cross the Standard Poodles with the Golden Retrievers.

The ultimate goal of conducting this cross was developing the guide dogs, which were an ideal choice for the individuals, who are visually impaired and suffer from allergies.

The Golden doodles are known to be a relatively new breed of dogs. They are referred to as the designer breed as their parents are purebred. Poodle breeds do not shed.

In fact, they are considered to be intelligent and athletic whereas the Golden Retrievers are well reputed for their playful and lovable nature. Thus, Golden doodle, their mix is considered to be an ideal option for lifelong friends, primarily for those, having mild pet allergies.


The appearance of the Goldendoodle may vary on the breed of the Poodle, you are going to mix. Typically, the standard Golden doodles are found to be 23-29 inches in height. They boast of long muzzles, broad and round skulls, along with oval-shaped and dark eyes.

Though these breed of dogs mostly have brown eyes, on rare occasions, eyes can be green or blue as well. The coats of these dogs can be loosely curls, messy looking or smoothed over slightly. However, it depends on the cross. In addition to this, they are also referred to as shaggy teddy bears.

Furthermore, this attractive hybrid has a well-built, long and muscular body. These dogs are also known to have a thick muscular tail, wide stance, and deep chest.


Golden doodles contribute to being affectionate and gentle dogs, along with easy-going and cool temperament. Such kinds of dogs are known to be really intelligent. In the list of 150 smartest breeds, they have a score of four. Also, they possess a great social personality.

If you are planning to bring a watchdog at your home, this breed dog is certainly not for you. They usually get along with almost everyone. They are not going to bark at any person, they do not recognize. It is their social and loving nature that makes them the perfect family pet.

Besides this, they also get along with any other pet as well as kids. You need to remember that this breed is the perfect combination of two varieties of dogs. In a few of them, you will find more traits of Poodle whereas other breeds might have more of the features of Golden Retriever. Hence, it is hard to predict their temperament at times.

Golden Doodle Health Issues

Here are a few major health concerns, which are common in GoldenDoodle:


This health condition arises in your dog as the stomach is filled with gas after which it twists. Owing to the condition, the dog is not capable of vomiting or belching, and the normal flow of blood to the heart of the dog gets interrupted. It may lead to a reduction in the blood pressure owing to which the body of the dog might enter into the shock mode. If you find such a condition in your dog, it is recommended to consult the doctor immediately as such a condition might lead to death.

Elbow Dysplasia

This condition is known to be common in large puppies which are growing at a faster rate. It is a sign that they are suffering from an underlying condition referred to as an ununited anconeal process, fragmentation of the coronoid procedure, elbow incongruity.

Infection in the ear

In case moisture enters the big and floppy ear of your Goldendoodle, it may lead to an infection in the ear. Hence, you should ensure to clean as well as check the ears frequently for avoiding any sort of ear infections.

Hip Dysplasia

Such kind of condition occurs as the thigh bone does not get fitted into the hip joint properly. It is considered to be an inherited condition and thus it is crucial to take a look at the health records of the puppies for finding any symptom of the issue.

Separation Anxiety

Owing to their immense love for human beings, these dogs often suffer from separation anxiety. They do not like to be alone and in case you have to go for extended periods of time, this is not the pet for you. There is a wide array of exercises which you can consider for your pet to help them deal with the separation anxiety.


You need to take your Goldendoodle for twenty to thirty minutes of exercise daily for ensuring that they do not get bored and to make sure that they are in good health. You can also take your dog to swimming if possible. Both the Poodles and Golden Retrievers are recognized to be water dogs, and hence, the breed of Golden doodle is considered to be a great swimming fanatic. It is not advised to adopt the breed in case you reside in a small apartment as abundant space is required for the breed for roaming around or playing.


You need to feed one to four cups of dry food to the breed of Golden doodle daily which should be divided into separate meals. The amount of food, they need, depends on their metabolism, build, age as well as the level of activities, they perform daily.


You need to ensure sufficient brushing for this breed at least once, every week. Owners who are not willing to deal with the same often hire a professional for trimming the hair of their dog. You should give a bath to this dog, only when you think it is required. For instance, you can bathe your dog after the muddy hike as there are high chances that the breed might lose the essential oils which are required for the healthy coat.

You should also monitor the nails of this breed once each month to ensure that they are not very long. The nails of this breed might often get filed on its own, which of course depends on the frequency, of their exercise. For ensuring the sound health of this breed of dog, make sure to check their ears at least once every week to prevent a bad odor or redness, as they are the symptoms of the ear infection.

It is recommended to clean the ears of these dogs with ear cleaning fluid as well as a cotton ball and thus you should ensure to wipe the outer ear only. You should refrain from inserting anything into the ear canal of the dog as it may lead to damage or pain.


Golden doodle has earned a high reputation owing to their high intelligence. They can be trained easily and thus they are considered to be the ideal choice for the timid pet owners or those people, who have become the pet owners for the very first time in their life.

At times, these dogs are also referred to as people-pleasers as they look for different options for making the fur parent really happy. In case you feel that your breed is one of those people pleasers, rest assured that training is going to be really easy. It is recommended to reward the soothing behavior of these dogs with the aid of positive reinforcements.

How Much Does a Golden Doodle Cost?

In spite of being the mixed-breed dog, the Golden doodles are recognized to be really desirable. You can purchase these dogs at a hefty cost. As you buy these dogs from the breeder, you might pay almost one thousand dollars for each puppy.

At times, the price may vary between $600 – $6000 which depends on the quality and reputation of the breeder. In addition to this, the cost of this breed of dog also depends on how perfectly it accomplishes the standards of the breed for the desired personality and physical traits, good genetics as well as overall health.


The popularity and reputation of these dogs are growing with every passing day. The light shedding makes them the perfect companion for those, suffering from allergies. In addition to this, their gentle and playful personality plays a crucial role in making them the perfect pet for your family.