Labrottie – The Labrador and Rottweiler Hybrid Mix

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Essentially used as guard dogs, the Labrottie are some of the most intelligent dogs to be around. They’re a cross between Labrador Retriever and Rottweiler and go by various nicknames like Rottwador, Rotten Lab, Labweiler, and Rottador.

The dogs have a lifespan of 9 to 12 years and are often taken in by families who’ve had experience in handling highly active dogs of varied temperament. They prefer to live in a house with an open yard or a park nearby as they need regular exercise. These dogs require a lot of attention and are often difficult to train as well.

Origin of the Labrottie

It is difficult to understand the exact origin of this designer breed dog, simply because it has become very popular in the past 20-30 years. A mix of Rottweiler and the Labrador Retriever, the origin of the Labrottie hybrid dog can be traced by tracing its parent dogs.

While the Labrador is said to have Canadian roots, the Rottweiler seems to be from Rome. Labrador Retrievers have been traced back to 17th century in Canada as water dogs and were later imported by England in 1903 where they became extremely popular over the course of 20

England in 1903 where they became extremely popular over the course of 20th century. On the other hand, Rottweiler was used as livestock moving dogs by Romans in the early 1900s. They were later used as police dogs in World War I and were used by the German army. They later became very popular in the United States as well.


The Labrottie dogs are pretty huge, given their parentage. They usually have a large head from their Lab’s lineage and a muscular body from the Rottweiler. However, due to them being a mixed breed, their appearance varies from dog to dog. However, they’re all pretty tall, taking up to 21 to 27 inches in height and can weight easily between 55 and 100 pounds. Most Labrotties are black or brown in color. They can also be of the color tan, tan and black, or grey and may have some Rottweiler markings on the body. Their coat is mostly short as both of its parents have a short coat.


Depending on which of their parents they inherit their behavior from, the temperament of these dogs is highly varied. However, since both of its parents are family-oriented dogs, the Labrottie are extremely loyal and are fully devoted to the families they live in. But, they also seek attention a lot and are not suited for the families which stay out of the house for longer periods of time. The owner’s absence often gives these dogs separation anxiety and destructive behavior. They also need to learn the skills of socializing early in their life to overcome their protective nature.

Labrottie Health Issues

Most mixed breed dogs inherit the health problems of either their parents or both of them at times. In extremely rare cases, they might not develop any health issues but it’s always good to be aware of the potential issues. The most common health problems a Labrottie dog faces are:

  • ear infections
  • allergies
  • heart issues
  • cold tail
  • bone cancer
  • eye problems
  • acute moist dermatitis
  • and joint dysplasia.


Labrotties are extremely active dogs who need to be walked every day. Apart from walking, the dogs do need other forms of exercise, like running and playing around with other people or dogs, off-leash. They need to socialize well. This is why the dogs need a house with a backyard to play in or a nearby park where they can burn their energy every day. Their attention-seeking nature may make them want to play with you all the time, so it is essential that you spend time with them as well. They also need a lot of chew toys to keep their destructive behavior in check.

Feeding a Labrottie

A Labrottie needs to be fed at least 4 to 5 cups of dry food every day split at various intervals. The spreading of the meals keeps a check on their bloating, which could be a result of eating too much at once. The dogs need nutrient-rich food which includes at least 30 percent of protein, 20 percent of crude fat, and less than 4 percent of the fiber in their diet. The food can vary from canned food to dry kibble, and occasionally also include bones and raw meat.


They inherit their characteristics from, the grooming requirements of a Labrottie may vary. The Labradors shed heavily whereas the Rottweilers don’t shed at all. Despite that, the dogs have a short to medium-length coat that requires very less grooming as compared to its high maintenance parent. They do shed occasionally and sometimes may have a lot during some seasons. However, if their coats are brushed every other day or every week, they stay clean and shiny for a very long time.


Due to their loyal and docile nature, Labrottie dogs are easy to train and learn things very quickly. But their protective nature needs to be kept in check while training them, by encouraging them to socialize with other dogs and different animals. Since they require constant attention, you need to give them rewards every time they do something good, but also reprimand when they do something wrong.

They try to become the pack leader of the house and therefore, need to learn that they should follow your commands. Once the training begins, and you do it with plenty of praises and encouraging words, the Labrottie dogs learn pretty fast and are always on good behavior.


Overall, Labrottie dogs are great for any home with families and work best as watchdogs. However, they need constant attention, care, and regular exercise which makes them not a good choice as the first dog of the family. In case you’re experienced owners and know how to work well with dogs, they’re some of the most loyal and fun pets to ever have.