The Poodle and Maltese Hybrid Maltipoo

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The Maltipoo is a very interesting type of dog in that it does not actually come from a breed exactly. It’s really a hybrid of a poodle and a Maltese dog. Dog breeds need to be much more established than that. People still need to have a Maltese parent and a poodle parent in order to produce Maltipoo dogs. The poodle parent can either be a miniature poodle or a toy poodle.


Many dog breeds are old. These dogs were created fairly recently in the United States. They were created to be pets and companion animals, and they are some of the best companion animals that people are going to find.

Maltipoo Appearance

The appearance of all hybrid dogs can be unpredictable. It all depends on whether they end up resembling one parent more than the other. However, Maltese dogs and poodles at least look similar enough that people are going to manage to get a dog that has a more standard appearance. Maltipoo dogs are typically white or cream-colored. Their fur is often curly or wavy, although it can be straight in some cases. It might be somewhat prone to matting, but it is lovely fur overall.

Maltipoo dogs are typically very short at only fourteen inches tall, and they are often going to weigh around five to fifteen pounds. They typically have large dark eyes and relatively short snouts, with broad and round faces and small, floppy ears.


With a designer dog like a Maltipoo, people are potentially taking a risk. These are dogs that are going to have the characteristics that people associate with both poodles and Maltese dogs. Both Maltese dogs and poodles have their positive and negative points. It is possible to get a Maltipoo that has all of the positives of both parents and none of the negatives. Most of them are going to have a mix of positive and negative traits. However, getting a Maltipoo that has all of the negative traits and none of the positive traits is still possible.

Poodles are extremely intelligent on the dog scale, ranking second on the list of the smartest dogs, and it is possible to get a Maltipoo that is as smart as a poodle. Maltese dogs are not the least intelligent of all dogs, but they are fairly low on the list, so it is possible that a Maltipoo is not going to be especially bright or easy to train.

Lots of these dogs are really friendly and affectionate. Usually, people can expect that a Maltipoo is going to be a sweet, loyal, and loving playmate. However, people are never going to know for sure, and they should remember that all dogs are individuals.

Health Issues

For the most part, Maltese and poodle hybrids are not going to be prone to health problems. Small dogs, in general, have a tendency to live longer lives than large dogs. Still, hybrid dogs will get the diseases that both parents have, and in some cases, this means a doubling of their risk factors.

Maltese and poodle hybrids are going to live for around ten to fifteen years on average, and they stay puppy-like forever. In the meantime, they might develop:

  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  • Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease
  • Patellar Luxation
  • White Shaker Syndrome
  • and epilepsy

Most of these diseases affect vision and bones.


Maltese and poodle hybrids do not need as much exercise as many of the larger dogs living and working today. Getting walked for a half an hour once a day is usually going to be enough for them.


These small dogs do not really need to eat all that much, which is always positive. A Maltipoo who is over a year old only needs one small meal a day. Some healthy brand of dog food is usually going to work well here. Organs, fish, and lean meat are also good choices for these dogs.


Maltipoo dogs need to be groomed relatively frequently. Their fur is very beautiful and thick, but white fur has a tendency to get really dingy-looking quickly. Maltipoo dogs often have curly or wavy fur, so it is going to be more prone to getting tangled than the fur of either parent. It might take several different brushing sessions a week in order to really help Maltipoo dogs maintain their fur quality. These dogs don’t tend to shed all that much, which is one of the advantages of having a dog like this in the first place.


If the Maltipoo is more like a poodle, it is possible for this dog to be easy to train. Small dogs are going to have fewer capabilities compared to larger dogs. However, using reward-based training techniques, it is still possible to get these dogs to do agility and training techniques. These dogs are also excellent therapy animals.


Owning a Maltipoo is not always going to be easy. They require a lot of grooming, and they are prone to a fair number of health problems during their short lives. However, having a hybrid dog like this is popular for a reason, and plenty of people are going to love their dear Maltese and poodle crosses.